IMG 7205One of the key focus areas of Sar Sargsyan Cultural Eentertainment is to present Polish talents at international music and arts festivals and competitions in various countries. Every year our partners from Poland and other countries submit numerous attractive proposals for our artists. Presenting talented people from Poland at international events is also a great opportunity to promote our country and its culture. We work with the best, and the events they organize are of the highest organizational and artistic quality. For 2024 we offer many interesting opportunities, including 4 international festivals organized by our Lithuanian partner – ARS FESTA – in Lithuania and Spain, 2 music festivals organized by the Bulgarian agency ART VOICES in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, a singing competition in Malta, managed by the arts organization ERSEB PRODUCTIONS , as well as a music competition in Greece organized by EFFTERMANN PRODUCTION. We are happy to welcome talented people, and we look forward to taking you to these and other events. Please follow us on Facebook for more information: .